5 Disney Characters We Wish Were Our Friends

Well, summer is coming to an end... With the rest of September ahead of us, another school *exciting* year is also ahead of us. What fun.

But wouldn't school be better if Disney characters were there? So I compiled a list of characters I would love being friends with!


That one friend that always has too much energy, especially in the morning. She's really good at pretty much all the arts but has no idea what's going on in any other class. Rapunzel will be that person who doesn't understand any inappropriate references, because she's pure at heart.


Whenever you're sitting there through a tough situation, Giselle will always know when to pop up and cheer you up! She knows that with a smile and song all your questions can be answered, your sadness will turn around, and your boredom will cease.


Now this character may be goofy and funny most of the time, which might be exactly what you need at a long, boring day of school. However, he also knows when to put all the joking aside and help you find your true love.

He's that person who's into everything. A great friend for those classes you have no friends in, but is also interested in half the things you're interested it (as well as everything else...). Bert will convince you to show up to all the club meetings, and will be there at the ones you actually do.

Peter Pan
Peter will be that friend who practically never sleeps but somehow as all the energy. He's not all that interested in any subject except for student council. This character will prove to be a great leader but will get upset if the smallest thing doesn't go his way.
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