Mary Poppins

If you aren't already aware... I LOVE Mary Poppins :) Her tale is perhaps the best thing to have ever happened to the world! (or at least to me...)

However, there are some things to address, so let's get down to business (to defeat the- sawry, wrong movie).

Mary Poppins is sooo much chiller in the movie. All those out there who have actually read the books (yes, the movie is based on books and there's more than one book...) don't you totally feel me? (By the way, if you have failed to have read the book(s) yet~ 1. You have a sad, sad life... and 2. READ THEM!) I mean, Mary Poppins is so stuck up in the book, and I don't see why she should be; after all, her name was put as the title. It wasn't called "Jane and Michael" or "Ms Andrews" was it?

OOHHHHH It's A Jolly Holiday With Mary- oh, you're still here...oops :) Well, I think we can all agree (I hope so anyway...), that the music from Mary Poppins is practically the pinnacle of all Disney music (except for "Let it Go" but that goes without saying). We can thank the Sherman brothers for their magnificent contribution :) and for Ms Travers to allow Walt Disney to include the songs in the film.

And If you still don't think Mary Poppins is amazing... it has these two. So 'nough said.

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