The Lion King: Hula!

If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat

Come on down and dine
On this tasty swine
All you have to do is get in line

Aaaare you achin'
(Yup, yup, yup)
Foooor some bacon?
(Yup, yup, yup)
Heeee's a big pig
(Yup, yup)
You could be a big pig too.

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Steamboat Willie

I find it quite amazing how a 7 minute and 23 second cartoon released almost 100 years ago is still extremely well known and loved among thousands of people.
Steamboat Willie.jpg
"Steamboat Willie" was first released in 1928, and as everyone knows, it's about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Mickey's girlfriend. This animated short was actually Mickey's third film to star in, but it was the first film Walt Disney distributed.

As you can see, "Steamboat Willie" plays along with sound, and the sound is synchronized with the motion pictures. This doesn't seem like anything awesome now-a-days, but this animation was actually the FIRST cartoon with synchronized sound!

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The Little Mermaid: In Less Than a Minute!

King Triton won't allow Ariel to love a human and forbids her to go to the seashore.

Ariel gets upset and sells her voice to the sea witch for a pair of legs.

Ursula tries to interfere with the love of Ariel and Prince Eric by turning human...

...but to no avail. Nothing can separate true love :)

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McFarland, USA

Disney's next released movie will be "McFarland, USA" on 20 February.

This movie was inspired by a true story of runners from McFarland, California. They work hard to organize a cross-country team under the direction of Coach White, who is new to their predominantly Latino high school.

The students and their coach learn a lot about each other, including the boys’ exceptional running ability. Soon it's more than just their running ability, though. It's about the power of family relationships and their unwavering commitment to one another.

With much determination, the runners eventually form a championship cross-county team and an everlasting legacy.

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