Why, Disney Channel...Why?

I am a fan of Disney, which in fact DOESN'T mean that I'm a fan of Disney CHANNEL.  There is a big difference between the mindless babble shown on TV nowadays like Dog With a Blog, and Shake it Up.  The effort put into ACTUAL DISNEY MOVIES is amazing.  Pixar has recreated animation as we know it and most animated Disney movies were made by people who actually knew what they were doing.

Disney Channel on the other hand...


There seems to be a reoccurring trend in child stars that get involved with Disney Channel, where they all fly off their rockers and ruin their lives which is curious.  Honestly, if I had to be that involved with Disney Channel, I'd probably do the same thing.


#1:  The plots.

What if I told you my favorite TV show was about a millionaire mutated mammal which had an anatomically impossible ability, not to mention the power to influence people on the internet.  Oh, and what does that said mutated mammal do?  Instead of doing something productive, or fighting for animal rights or something, they consistently waste their time, getting their family in trouble while teaching them all cheesy moral lessons, all while running a fabricated identity on a popular site on the internet?

Yeah.  That's Disney Channel's beloved "Dog With a Blog," a joke of a TV show.

I mean, I appreciate the fact that I'm a little old for Disney Channel and may not appreciate their shows as a kid might appreciate them, but REALLY?  HAS TV REALLY SUNKEN TO SUCH AN ALL TIME LOW THAT YOU'D RESORT TO WATCHING A SHOW ABOUT A HOUSEHOLD PET WITH A BLOG?  Stupid.

#2:  It's ruining actual Disney movies.

Now when someone thinks of Disney, their mind is bombarded with rich child stars and underdeveloped plots, instead of talented actors like this one, and hardworking animators that work days at a time to bring you amazing movies every year.

Put a stop to horrible Disney Channel shows.


Why would you watch Shake It Up when you could watch That's So Raven (an amazing show), or The Suite Life of Zach and Cody?  Not to mention *cough cough* Hannah Montana, which was basically the reason for life.

#4:  There's no number four, I just wanted to continue this list.

#5:  I'm hungry.

See ya, nerds!!
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