Tangled Trivia

Trivia Time! (highlight below question for answer)

1. What can the golden, magic flower do?

Keep one young forever, by singing a song.                                

2. Which major character(s) never talk throughout the movie?

Rapunzel's mother and father ... and Maximus.                          

3. What are Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's secrets?

Rapunzel has magic hair that glows when she sings. Flynn Rider's real name is Eugene Fitzherbert.

4. What does Rapunzel do when she first meets Flynn Rider?

Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan, and then puts him in her closet.                

5. Who chases Flynn Rider throughout the movie?

Maximus (and the palace guards and Stabbington brothers)                          

6. How many things does Rapunzel do in "When Will My Life Begin?"?

Rapunzel does roughly 31 things in her tower.                                                

7. What was Flynn Rider's name originally going to be?

He was originally British, and his name was Bastian.                                

8. Who does Mother Gothel make a deal with?

The Stabbington Brothers                                                                                

9. How many songs in Tangled have lyrics?

Eight, including "Something That I Want" during the ending credits.                                                

10. Who narrates Tangled?

Flynn Rider                                                                                                
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